A Guide to Summer Shoes for Men and Women

A Guide to Summer Shoes for Men and Women

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There’s nothing like putting on open shoes and feeling the summer breeze on your toes. Being stuck in closed shoes in the heat doesn’t sound fun. Opting for open styles that offer easy on-and-off functionality ensures your feet can enjoy maximum breathability and freedom during the warm months. Thankfully, the market is brimming with a diverse array of summer footwear options suitable for any occasion, ranging from laid-back to sophisticated.

Types of Summer Shoes for Men and Women

Below are the types of summer showers available for men and women:

  • Flip-flops

Flip-flops reign supreme as the quintessential summer footwear. A flat sole and a plastic toe divider are typically crafted from rubber, making them easily foldable and convenient to tote in your beach bag. Premium versions may feature wooden or leather soles for added sophistication. 

While basic flip-flop styles sport simple plastic straps, others boast intricately woven leather or embellished gems for a touch of glamour. Flip-flops are versatile and available in many patterns and hues that complement your swimwear or attire effortlessly. Their laid-back aesthetic makes them ideal for beach outings, poolside parties, and casual gatherings in the heat.

  • Flat Sandals

Flat sandals, one of the oldest styles in footwear history, feature an open design with a sole secured to the foot via straps that cross over the instep and around the ankle. Ideal for those seeking a casual, laid-back appearance, they are available in many styles and colour variations. 

Opt for neutral tones like tan or black for a versatile look that seamlessly blends with your ensemble. Alternatively, metallic hues inject style and draw attention to your outfit, while embellished flat sandals make a bold fashion statement.

  • Slides

Backless and open-toed, women’s and men’s slides feature a single strap or a series of straps across the toes and the lower portion of the foot to secure the shoe in place.

The name originates from the ease with which this footwear can be “slid” on and off the foot. While sliders have roots in Ancient Rome, they gained popularity in the late 1960s.

Recognised for their sporty aesthetic, sliders are primarily functional and casual, making them ideal for beach or pool days and summer gatherings. However, luxury fashion houses have embraced slides in their collections, offering highly fashionable designs ranging from feathers and florals to faux fur and opulent pearls.

  • Loafers

In search of a professional summer shoe? Look no further than a timeless pair of loafers. These elegant slip-ons come in various designs, offering remarkable versatility for casual and business ensembles. A leather tassel loafer adds a touch of refinement to formal attire, while a suede penny loafer pairs effortlessly with shorts and a light shirt. Whether dressed up or down, loafers deliver comfort and sophistication, making them a must-have staple for every summer wardrobe.

  • Espadrilles

Planning a laid-back weekend with loved ones? Whether it is a beachside getaway or a stroll along the coast, espadrilles offer the perfect blend of comfort and style for your casual summer outings. Crafted from canvas and featuring a distinctive jute rope sole, these shoes are lightweight, fast-drying, and come in various vibrant colours and playful patterns.

Winding Up

Summer shoes come in various styles and designs to suit every occasion and preference. Whether you prefer flip-flops for the beach, slides for casual outings, or loafers for a more polished look, there’s a perfect pair for everyone. With comfort, style, and versatility in mind, finding the ideal summer shoes for men and women is easier than ever.

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